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New Products


As of now we can deliver from stock GEHR CPVC Round Rods with a diameter of 7" and 8" INCH and a length of 2,000 mm. Thus, this semi-finished product can be used for applications which had not been possible before. GEHR CPVC is heat-resistant up to 85 °C and has an exceptional chemical resistance.

We have done it !

With immediate effect you can get from us: 
GEHR Acetal sheets in thickness of 120 mm
We are extruding the sheets in a width of 620 mm and in a length of 1000 mm; the sheets are immediately available.

Clearly the new king of anti-corrosion materials

Now available in rod stock of 40mm, 80mm and 100mm.

Sheet available from thicknesses of 10mm to 100mm.

GEHR POM-C® sheets in thickness of 10"

With immediate effect you can get from us GEHR POM-C sheets in thickness of 10". We are extruding the sheets in a width of 24". The sheets are already available from stock.
Once more we can offer to the market new dimensions, which did not exist before.


A world first for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries

Available as of now from GEHR: antistatic Acetal with food-grade approval.

Though semi-finished products made of Acetal with an antistatic finish were available in the past, they did not have food-grade approvals. There was no demand for this in the electronics and semiconductor sectors. For the pharmaceutical industry, however, and the food and beverage industries as well, where static charges are a problem and at the same time food-grade approvals are essential, our new material enables us to offer an optimum solution at last. (FG = Food-Grade)

New product for advertising engineers and graphic design firms

New in our product range as of now: aluminum-style and golden clamping rails, an attractive color alternative to the conventional clamping rails, e.g. for poster frames.

ELS – use in potentially explosive atmospheres – Very good sliding-friction and abrasion values – Suitable for use in food and beverage applications

The problem of static discharge is very familiar in applications involving the transportation of critical goods. Some products acquire a static charge due to friction, and this leads to electrical discharges onto the goods being transported. Products then adhere to each other or dust sticks to them. It is here that our product “GEHR UHMWPE ELS” provides an optimal solution. Thanks to its antistatic finish, static charges are avoided. GEHR UHMWPE ELS can also be used unrestrictedly in potentially explosive atmospheres. It exhibits very good sliding-friction and abrasion values. In addition, thanks to its special recipe, the product offers a very fine surface that turns glossy after machining. The advantage here is that no traces whatsoever of scratches and abrasion are caused on the goods being transported.

GEHR UHMWPE ELS is already being used extensively in a huge range of applications for transporting electronics. But excellent results are also being achieved where high friction forces are entailed by the design involved, such as belt conveyors

GEHR UHMWPE ELS can be used in contact with foods and beverages. It conforms to EU Directives 2002/72/EG + 1935/2004/EC + 2023/2006/EC.

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