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Material to meet highest demands

Our semi-finished products, such as round rods, sheets and hollow bars, made of GEHR PEEK® stand out for their following properties:

We have opened an office in India on November 1st. 2014
The sales office is located in the city of Pune, one of the economic centres in India, situated approximately 150 km southeast of Mumbai.

This site will help us to continue expanding our global presence. At the same time we are pleased to welcome Mr. Rajendra V. Bijwar as new Business Development Manager for GEHR in India. With this reinforcement we will continually expand our market position in India over the next couple of years.


We decided to follow the current trend and set up a new Online Shop for you on our website. Besides checking our stocks, our customers can now directly place their orders online with their access authorisation in the “Log In” area of our website. 
This allows you to quickly and easily calculate cutting costs for sheets and rods or possible grinding costs yourself. Once you log on, your individually agreed conditions will automatically be used for the calculations. Please make sure to test the new programme!

We have acquired a company in Empfingen, a town located in the Freudenstadt district in the Black Forest, which is specialised

in extruding profiles. Thanks to this acquisition, we are able to expand our customized profiles segment with additional thermoplastics.

The GEHR Plastic Selector is an innovative tool that helps match your application demand with products that meet your need. Once you find the thermoplastic that meets your need you can compare the properties of the materials side by side with like products, send us an email or call for advanced support.

Available in:

Google Play Store

Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad


The GEHR Homepage has been adapted for Smartphones. Now you can check out the GEHR range on your Smartphone while travelling.

GEHR in Mannheim (Germany) is one of the first companies in its industry to be certified according to the ISO 50001.
Because of our very energy intensive production process the implementation of this “ Energy Management System “ is an important step into the future not only for our company but also for our environment.
Besides of the ISO 50001 GEHR is also certified according to the ISO 140001 “ Environmental Management “ and ISO 9001 “ Quality Management “

PA 12 TR® is a highly innovative transparent Polyamide, low moisture absorbing.
This polymer is used for applications with demanding requirements regarding resistance to chemicals and dynamic strength (high tensile strength with the added property of transparency). Additionally, PA 12 TR® has an excellent UV resistance and tremendous climatic and atmospheric conditions endurance. PA 12 TR® exhibits a surprisingly good stress crack resistance, although there is a lower stress failure level for amorphous materials. The material's fatigue strength value is more than 30 MPa (10 million flexural fatigue cycles).


  • Transparency
  • Good chemical and stress crack resistance
  • High dynamic bending strength
  • Hot water resistance
  • Sea water resistance
  • Weather resistance (UV)
  • UL listing (HB)
  • Suitability for sterilization (γ-rays: 3 Mrad; ethylene oxide)
  • Low density (1,0 g/cm3)
  • Bondability (reaction bonding additives)
  • Easy processing
  • Abrasion resistance




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