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PA 12 TR® is a highly innovative transparent Polyamide, low moisture absorbing.
This polymer is used for applications with demanding requirements regarding resistance to chemicals and dynamic strength (high tensile strength with the added property of transparency). Additionally, PA 12 TR® has an excellent UV resistance and tremendous climatic and atmospheric conditions endurance. PA 12 TR® exhibits a surprisingly good stress crack resistance, although there is a lower stress failure level for amorphous materials. The material's fatigue strength value is more than 30 MPa (10 million flexural fatigue cycles).


  • Transparency
  • Good chemical and stress crack resistance
  • High dynamic bending strength
  • Hot water resistance
  • Sea water resistance
  • Weather resistance (UV)
  • UL listing (HB)
  • Suitability for sterilization (γ-rays: 3 Mrad; ethylene oxide)
  • Low density (1,0 g/cm3)
  • Bondability (reaction bonding additives)
  • Easy processing
  • Abrasion resistance
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